Happy Friday the 13th


Hey, everybody!  It’s Friday the 13th, time to get your bathing suit and your flippy flops and head to Crystal Lake!

Happy, Happy Halloween

I’m taking the day off to trick r treat and watch scary movies.  I’ll finish the countdown when I get back.

More Nazi Space Madness!

Ooooh, how I wish this was all done in stop motion!  This would have been about a billion times more awesome!  I know! I know! The cost!  Really, though, the guys from Morel Orel aren’t doing anything right now, are they?  I bet they would have worked cheap.

The Mysterians

A blast of awesome 1950’s Toho science fiction.  Aliens and giant robots abound!  Compare and contrast with George Pal’s War of the Worlds.

Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 from Outer Space


Before Plan 9

Fans of the late, great Ed Wood rejoice!  The pie tin saucers piloted by aliens with secret plans once again take to the skies! Before Plan 9: Plan 1-8 from Outer Space, a collection of short stories by that lead up to the events of Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space, is finally available.  Featuring the talents of:  Jon Maberry, Joe McKinney, Micheal McCarty, Craig DiLouie,  Patrick D’Orazio,  David Dunwoody, Tonia Brown, Greg Carter D.A. Chaney and me, Rob Silvera; this collection of tales promises to be a book . . . a book you can buy.  You can get your copy here.

Iron Sky Official Trailer



War of the Worlds: The True Story

Juan of the Dead

Gingerdead Man 3– Trailer

The whole 1970s exploitation trend gets its just desserts.  Yeah, it’s a trailer for Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver. The Gingerdead Man goes back in time and apparently meets Hitler too.

Hobo with a Shotgun – Trailer

I’m Gonna Sleep in Your Bloody Carcasses– Tonight!

Rutger Hauer stars in what might turn out to be the greatest movie since Samuel L. Bronkowitz’s That’s Armageddon with George Lazenby and Donald Sutherland.  It looks like it was shot on Super 8.  How great is that?  Check out the filmmaker’s blog  for more on Hobo with a Shotgun!