Alien Trespass

Day Two of the 2010 Silver Shamrock Happy Halloween Countdown!

Happy Halloween Countdown Day Two: Alien Trespass

Alien Trespass:

Have you ever gone to a see a movie because the title made it sound awesome?  Then you find the best thing about the film is the title?  Some examples of what I’m talking about include: SS Doomtrooper, Battle Beyond the Stars, and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.  These movies sounded great but could never live up to their titles.  Okay, maybe Battle Beyond the Stars wasn’t quite that big of a let down.  It did have a space ship that looked the Enterprise with big honking breasts which was piloted by Johnboy from The WaltonsAlien Trespass, on the other hand, is the opposite of that.  It’s an great movie with a freakin’ stupid name. Alien Tresspass is a title that suggests E.T. and his buddies have come to Earth for a little cow tipping, or doorbell ditching, or maybe late night skate boarding in the city parking garage.  Hey, you aliens!  Get off my lawn!  They should have given it a better name than the dishwatery weak sauce sounding Alien Trespass.  Maybe something like:  The Demon from Planet X, or Bounty Hunter from Outer Space, It Came from Space to Kill, or Blood Monster from the Stars.

Why should there be all that hyperbole in the title?  Alien Trespass isn’t your garden variety science fiction monster film.  It’s a loving re-creation of the saucer invasion movies of the 1950’s and therefore can never promise too much in the title.  Those were epic films on shoestring budgets and Alien Trespass captures all that.  The sets are beautifully stagey, the acting wonderfully stiff, the plot and dialogue are deliciously cliche.  The only thing about Alien Trespass that isn’t quite in keeping with the 1950’s saucer films is that it’s filmed in glorious, nearly gaudy, color.  I don’t mind.  It looks really good. Campy though it is, Alien Trespass isn’t a parody, but a celebration of the great (and awful) B movie saucer films.

Eric McCormack, Jenni Baird, Robert Patrick, Jody Thompson star.

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