Dracula’s Daughter

Day Three of the 2010 Silver Shamrock Happy Halloween Countdown!

Happy Halloween Countdown Day Three: Dracula's Daughter

Dracula’s Daughter:
In an attempt to wring every last dime they could from their classic monsters and with no way to bring Dracula back from the dead, Universal gave us Dracula’s Daughter, which picks up pretty much right where Dracula left off.  I have often wondered how Van Helsing was going to explain poking a stick through Dracula’s chest to the police.  “He was a nosferatu!  A creature of evil!”    Yeah, the cops are really going to buy that one.  Dracula’s Daughter addresses this very issue.  Van Helsing tells the truth.  The cops aren’t having it, but since Van Helsing is upper crust, Scotland Yard is treating him with kid gloves.  Lucky for the old doctor, Dracula’s body goes missing and the charges are dropped.  Still, in anticipation of having to defend himself Van Helsing enlists some allies for his legal defense who will play prominent roles in the fun to come.

Meanwhile, Countess Marya Zaleska has recently come to London town looking for a final cure for her vampirism problem. Stealing her dad’s body didn’t do the trick. She begins to look elsewhere.  She’s the original smoldering gothy hottie.  In addition to being able to stare men and women alike into orgasm, she’s Dracula’s daughter and to top it off she’s rapidly becoming the toast of London society.  While making  the social rounds, Countess Marya Zaleska is introduced to Van Helsing’s old pal, Dr Garth, who lays it on thick.  The Countess thinks that Garth might have a cure after he gives her a psychobabble filled monologue.  Garth unknowingly writes Countess Zaleska a  check too big too cash,  setting some big expectations for a guy who wanders through the movie wearing the face of an angry turkey.

Yeah, this movie is dated and flawed, but it has several things going for it.  One,  Underworld’s Kate Beckinsale, everyone’s favorite vampire queen,  has nothing on Gloria Holden.  Beckinsale might be more attractive in a conventional sense, but Holden totally grabs your attention from the moment she appears on the screen, making everyone else in the movie look flat and boring . . . like a bottle of Coke that has been sitting open next to my computer for two days . . .  or Keanu Reeves.  Holden is the original vampire hottie.  Two, Dracula’s Daughter is short, running a mere seventy minutes, so even if you find it a little slow or cliche, you aren’t investing a huge block of time.  Three, it has intense lesbian overtones.  Holden’s Countess Marya Zaleska looks as if she wants to eat every girl in London  . . .  then maybe drink their blood too. Hey-Oh!

Dracula’s Daughter is a conventional Universal horror B picture with some rather unconventional and entertaining features that totally make it worthy of the Halloween Countdown.

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