Monster Zero

Day Five of the 2010 Silver Shamrock Happy Halloween Countdown!

Happy Halloween Countdown Day Five

Monster Zero:

The movie poster (above) nearly captures Monster Zero perfectly.  Godzilla and Rodan fight King Ghidorah, the three-headed Monster Zero from Planet X.  I know!  Totally pure monster awesomeness, yes?  Wait! As if that wasn’t enough, there’s more!  There are rocket ships, flying saucers, hidden underground bases alien bases, creepy aliens beings wearing creepier alien vinyl clothing, a hot Japanese girl, a two-fisted tough guy American astronaut, a two-fisted tough guy Japanese astronaut, a nerdtastic scientist hero, and a vinyl clad alien space hottie (who is also Japanese).  Also Godzilla does a victory jig!  This movie is like a giant Godzilla toy just stuffed with win!  What is there not to like?

There are two faces of Godzilla; one is a force of destruction and vengeance and the other a symbol of Japanese culture, beloved by children all over the world.  The former was matchlessly captured in Gojira; the latter, and more common depiction of Godzilla is best represented in Monster Zero, in my own humble opinion.  I could be biased by a sense of nostalgia.  Monster Zero, aside from Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Rodan, was one of the most often broadcast daikaiju films by our local TV station.  Sometimes I’d get lucky and XETV would run a week of daikaiju films in prime time featuring Godzilla movies that I’d not seen before on at least on the nights.  Mostly they’d run the films I’d seen before and even though I’d seen it many times before, I always got excited to see Monster Zero again – especially when I could commandeer the “Big TV” in the living room and watch it in glorious color.

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  • bicyclerepairman:

    I have on queues on Neflix
    But it Invasion of Astro-Monster
    I Think it most re-tilted for release DVD or just the name they use the UK or close to it
    It both Japanese version and English version
    Still called Monster Zero on DVD for the english version

  • TreverT:

    I love Monster Zero, but I must admit to liking Ghidrah more. The sheer apocalypse feeling of GTTHM really transfixed me as a wee lad.

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