Caption Contest for April

Play with me!

Welcome to the Midnight Monster Show Caption Contest!

This Month: I’m giving away my slightly dog-eared copy of Jon Maberry’s Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead.  From the publisher: Since Night of the Living Dead, zombies have been a frightening fixture on the pop culture landscape, lumbering after hapless humans, slurping up brains and veins and whatever warm, fleshy matter they can clench in their rotting limbs. But what if they were real? What would happen if, tomorrow, corpses across the nation began springing up out of their graves and terrorizing the living?

I dunno.  Win the contest, read the book and find out!

Midnight Monster Show Caption Contest Rules

How does it work? Simple!  Register as a user here at the Midnight Monster Show, then post your caption for the picture above  in the reply box below.  If yours is the funniest one entered before midnight CST on the final day of the month, you win a fabulous prize!

How many can times can I enter? You can enter as many captions as you like.

What is the fabulous prize? It varies by month.

Can I play even though I don’t live in North America? Sure, why the heck not?


AND THE WINNER IS: ZombieDalkorian!

I have to admit, it was close.  A big thank you to everyone who participated!



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