Day One: Resident Evil 5

Happy Halloween Countdown Day One

Action adventure films are not normally my cup of tea.  I detest Arnold Schwartzenegger, I’m not fond that Rambo guy, or that other guy with the beard and . . . oh, I don’t like the fat one with the pony tail.  So why, oh, why do I love the Resident Evil films so much?  There is really not much difference between Resident Evil and the action flicks of the 1980’s.  Instead of a white, macho shithead brutally gunning down minorities and foreigners we get the lovely Milla Jovovich brutally gunning down monsters and zombies.  Nevermind. I’ve answered my own question. Moving on . . .


Storywise, Resident Evil: Retribution picks up right where the last one left off.  The uninitiated get caught up speed with an economical bit exposition.  I saw this with Dani, who hadn’t seen the third and fourth films, and she had no trouble following along.  Though you don’t need to see the other films to get caught up, but I would still recommend it.  They’re a lot of fun.


Resident Evil: Retribution is like a casserole baked from bits and pieces of the previous four movies.  The music, characters, ideas, even the sets are all recycled from earlier films.  Of all the Resident Evil films, this one feels least like an organic narrative where events follow logically. It’s less a story and more like a video game where you move from level to level to advance the storyline.  Note to Uwe Boll: This is what a video game looks like as a movie.

The effects are mix of CGI and practical, some of which are very good, others are not so much.  The film is paced like the offspring of a video game and a music video.  It’s fast and a little choppy.

Though it was filmed for 3-D, I saw Resident Evil: Retribution in regular old 2-D. I find 3-D akin to watching a movie made by View Master  (are you old enough to remember View Master? Do they still sell them?).  It’s distracting.  I mention this because the action scenes feature a lot of things flying at the camera, which seems out of place and weird in anything but 3-D.


The bottom line: Is Resident Evil: Retribution any good? Yes and no.  If you like the others, then yes, you will probably like this. If you didn’t like the others, you will not like this film either.  For my own part, if Milla and her husband decide to make another I’ll pony up for a ticket.



Milla Jovovich

Sienna Guillory

Michelle Rodriguez

Aryana Engineer

Bingbing Li

Boris Kodjoe

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Paul W.S. Anderson



Paul W.S. Anderson

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