Day 10: Night of the Living Dead 3D


History is filled with people who’ve had good ideas and people who‘ve had bad ideas.  Edward Jenner’s development of the small pox vaccine was a good idea.  The alphabet was a good idea.  The wheel was a good idea.   Conversely, Gouverneur Morris jabbing a whale bone up his pee-hole to clear a blockage in his urinary tract was a bad idea.   Invading Russia, showering with a hair dryer, Sarah Palin are all examples of bad ideas.  Following in the footstep of those great bad ideas is 2006’s Night of the Living Dead 3D.

I’m not against remakes.  Some of my favorite films of all time, such as Frankenstein (1931) or Dracula (1931), are remakes.   Though I do think if you’re going to remake somebody else’s work, you should at least take it in  new and interesting directions – or improve it in some way.

In Tom Savini’s remake of Night of the Living Dead, Barbara is a totally different character.  As depicted in the original Night of the Living Dead, Barbara seemed a little off, even before the dead walked.  I often wondered whether she was supposed to be mentally retarded.    In the remake, Barbara is an intelligent, fully fleshed out character. The contrast is striking.

The 2006 remake is another story altogether.  And by another story, I mean completely different story.  Producer/director Jeff Broadstreet pretty much just boosted the title and the names of the characters from Romero’s classic film, presumably in a cynical attempt to cash in on zombiemania.   If you strip away the Romero trappings, what you are left with is a cruddy zombie movie not even worthy of being a SyFy Original.

The story? A bunch of people I didn’t care about end up in a farm house owned by a local pot grower.  Zombies come. Sid Haig is crazy. Zombies run amok. Ben and Barbara run for it.  I fall asleep for just moment.  I’m dreaming that I’m doing my taxes.  I need a form 2012-Z Part 2. I have no idea what that is.  I sweat bullets.  Where is the work sheet for that form? Carry the amount from line 179b to line 6902c.  There is no amount!  I wake up with a start.  I scream! That movie is still on! Nooooo!

It gets one Vincent for competent basic filmmaking.

Brianna Brown
Joshua Desroches
Johanna Black
Greg Travis
Sid Haig


Jeff Broadstreet

Robert Valding
One of five Vincents

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