Night of the Hell Hamsters

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The Short Review:

I was sold by the title: Night of the Hell Hamsters.  It sounds so promising, the mix of hamsters and horror.  It’s from these incongruities that greatness is sometimes born.  There was a nagging little voice in the back on my head telling me that the title was going to be the best thing about the movie.  It was probably shot by two teenagers using their Mommy’s new Flip camcorder, the voice said.  It’s going to be five minutes of some kid covered in catsup, running around screaming, with a stuffed toy duct tapped to his neck as heavy metal music blares in the background.  It’s going to suck.  With a nervous hand, I clicked my mouse and started the movie, wordlessly praying for God to have mercy on my soul.

Night of the Hell Hamsters is only about fifteen minutes long, which feels about right.  The story opens with a teenage girl babysitting for a couple who are out for the evening.  After getting the kids off to bed she invites her boyfriend over.  He’s promised to bring an Ouija board for that evening’s entertainment, but doesn’t in the hopes they will have to find something else to do – heh-heh.  Annoyed, the girl improvises her own Ouija board and tells him, in no uncertain terms, that he’s getting nowhere with her until he starts taking the whole thing more seriously.

Inadvertently, they unleash the forces of darkness.  A vicious demon possesses the bodies of the family’s pet hamsters.  Is it good? That depends on whether or not you think that The Evil Dead with hamsters would be good – I do.

Paul Campion and his crew are clearly professionals.  This is defiantly not something made by a couple of kids screwing around with a camcorder and posting it YouTube.

You can see it in its entirety  here:


Stephanie Ratcliff
Paul O’Neill

Paul Campion

Paul Campion

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