Eel Girl

Oooh! A quiz!  What kind of noctural tree dwelling marsupial would I be?

The Short Review:

I’ve seen things: wolf men, snake people, cat people, there are pig people, dogs surgically made into men, a sheep man, goat boys, and even mole people, but Eel Girl? That seems like a shocking choice. Yes, I went there. I’m aware that punning is the lowest form of humor. That’s why you’re the only person who actually reads this blog (Hi, Mom!).

The idea of an Eel Girl is certainly interesting. The title suggests a certain level of campiness, but it doesn’t turn to be the case. Far from being the sort of schlock fun, Eel Girl is played as a straight Sci-Fi horror story. Set in a defense research lab, two scientists are beavering away, doing whatever it is that scientists do in defense research labs. One of the scientists is called away for a meeting, leaving the other scientist alone in the observation room – against protocol. Alone – the scientist remotely opens a door in the chamber adjoining the observation room allowing Eel Girl to enter. She has a strange hold on him. Can he resist?

The effects here are top notch as you would expect from Weta Workshop. On the other hand, the music is so bad it’s distracting. You can see it here.

Julia Rose
Euan Dempsy
Robyn Paterson
Nick Blake

Paul Campion

Paul Campion

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