My Other Stuff

Happy Fun Hell — For all you morbid entertainment needs.

Mad Scientist Problems — Death rays and grave robbing are the order of the day.

Rob Silvera on Twitter — Let’s twitter on Twitter!

Rob Silvera on Facebook — Come and hang out.

Rob Silvera on ChimeIn –  Share the horror!

Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 from Outer Space — Buy this book and read my story; it has Nazi shark-gorilla monsters with energy weapons!

Horror Hosts

Bob Wilkins’ Website – A real stroll down Memory Lane for Captain Midnight.

Vampira – The original “Mistress of the Night.”

Grimsley – Another echo from my childhood (sigh).

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark – Fun site with lots of swag to buy.

Count Gore De Vol – You can catch his show online.

Emily Boothe – The Lady of Horror that’s never a bore.

Other Blogs of Interest

My Own Private Grindhouse – My old friend Damon’s blog

The Manchester Morgue – Be enthralled by the sights and sounds!

Captain Howdy– All about The Exorcist.

Kentucky Fried Popcorn –  Trev’s awesome log on B movies and pipe smoking.

Shadow Over Portland – Horror commentary and happenings.

The Horror Campaign – Classic horror reviews and more.

Wicked Channel – Horror, heavy metal and wolves.

Random Bits and Pieces

The Wickerman with Muppets – It’s as awesome as you would imagine.

Darker Projects : Darker Matter – Horror Audio Dramas

Slusho! – You can’t drink just six!!

Instant Watcher – Here’s a handy lil’ site for Netflix users.